Monday, April 1, 2013

Give me Game of Thrones!

   Ah, spring is in the air! And with spring, comes new seasons of great shows. Such as: Doctor Who, Psych, and of course the one that stole the Easter, Game of Thrones! This is probably one of the best dramas I've seen on TV in a long time, even better then Law and Order: SVU which has been on so long, that it's kind of a joke now... lol.

Game of Thrones   The first two seasons of this show were awesome. I loved it. I must admit that I went into it thinking that it was going to be a bit like Lord of the Rings, but--spoilers--it's not, and I'm okay with that.

   Instead of focusing on magic and the battle of ultimate good vs. ultimate evil, Game of Thrones focuses on the battle for power that the lords and ladies of the mythical Westeros engage in after the 300 year rule of the   old ruling family, House Targaryen, is over thrown by an uprising headed up by Lord Eddard Stark (no relation to Tony Stark of Stark Industries)  and Robert Baratheon who later becomes king of Westeros.

    I really don't want to give much away because it all ties in to the plot and how the first and second seasons go, but I will say that the first episode of the first season will get you hooked. It starts off with suspense and ends with suspense which keeps you wanting more. Watch it! It's on HBO on Saturdays. If you don't have HBO, whatever you do, do not try to torrent it! Like don't. don't go to and look it up and download it, that's very bad. srusly. The Google will hunt me down and kill me. Then kill you. so will HBO

   Any way, Game of Thrones! Watch it. It's not dorky at all, it's awesome. You will be hooked!