Friday, September 14, 2012

The Endless Summer

  Yes. The Endless Summer. Every surfer's dream vacation and the quintessential surf film, not to mention my favorite surf film before Rob Machado's The Drifter. (which you should also see)

   The Film follows two surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August on a trip around the globe starting in West Africa and ending in, of course, Hawaii. The two are trying to test the idea that with enough money one could in theory follow summer around the world. They also unintentionally introduce surfing to some West African communities and find the best wave located at Point St. Francis, South Africa.

  This movie was groundbreaking. It gave a new breath of life to the once stale and boring travel documentary format of the 1940's and 50's. (not to mention that it has lots and lots of stellar longboarding). The film brought real surfing to the front stage at a time when people only knew about Gidget. What's more, every body in the film just wants to have fun! It seems as though Brown doesn't take the film that seriously. Which is a wonderful thing, because it gives the film a more laid back and loose feeling. It also doesn't seem to be condescending twords the locals of the places the guys visit but rather connects them to us by the shared experience of being in and around the ocean.
  The surfing in the film is some of the best of it's kind too. I based all of my own technique in the water off of what I saw in this movie. It's crazy to watch this film and see what those guys did without leashes, thruster set-ups, or wet-suits. I would never surf in Santa Cruz in the dead of winter without my suit!

  All in all, this is a film that I would recommend anybody, surfer or not, to see at least once. I'd give it a 8.5/10.

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